Blimey!  Ain't done one of these in a while.  As it's coming up to mark my one year anniversary thingy as an editor, I would like to thank the people I have met because of my decision to join.  I have met some great people on the chat and have collaborated well with many other editors.

Over the passed year we have done so many things, such as:

The (complete and utter failure) wedding.

Layton's Little London

Many an RP

Professor Layton Fan Games

and probably a lot more important stuff which I can't remember...

So thank you once more for a great (almost) year.

This sounds so cheesey....

~Detective Inspector Bob/ Bob/ Robert Paulson/ Boob/  Trainee Luketardian/ Bib/ Bub/ Ze Great Detective/ Chelmtard/ D.I.Bob/ everything else.  :D

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