Now, everyone knows about 'Reiton-Kyoju vs Gyakuten Saiban' (it's a game). Everyone also unfortunately knows that it will NEVER be translated into English (or Gyakuten Kenji 2, waah). However, the graphics are really good and one of the lines Naru-chan said made me laugh so hard my uncle thought either a) my split personality had come back or b) that I was dying. The last time I laughed in either game was in LS when Luke's tears dried up at the thought of roast lamb. For Gyakuten Saiban, I laughed when Mia (channeled by Pearl) said that Pearl's clothes were too small AND during the movie when Naru-chan said "By the 25th of December do you mean...*whole courthouse leans forward* Christmas?" *everyone falls down*. Hohoho...those were good times.

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