Professor Layton 7 ideas:

Professor Layton Chronicles: Great Conspiracies:

Release Dates:

Japan: 18th October 2016

Europe: 21st October 2016

North America: 24th October 2016

Australia: 23rd October 2016

Gameplay Changes:


1)      The amount of puzzles per game has been drastically reduced, with only 100 story puzzles being featured in the game, with a further 20 bonus puzzles located within Professor Layton’s Challenges.

2)      The amount of puzzles in Layton’s Challenges has been increased from 15 to 20.

3)      Said puzzles are a mixture between abstract, logic puzzles, and real-life puzzles that involve the use of the 3DS’s 3D feature, as well as interacting with the in-game environment. In addition, chess-related puzzles, word-play, algebra, and cryptography (i.e. code breaking)

4)      There are now only three hints per puzzle, with the third being the “Super Hint”; also, Hint Coins are awarded to players by how many picarats they collect from puzzles, instead of being collected from the environment.

5)      The amount of picarats derived from a puzzle has changed; many puzzles have lowered numbers, and some have higher numbers, in order to balance the spread of picarats.


6)      Picarats are now used to allow the main characters to battle enemies, or overcome obstacles, by them learning different “Actions”, by granting them experience to rise through the different “levels” of their profession.

7)      Said level’s maximum is now 10. Actions can also be found by examining the environment, giving the characters ideas. When doing so, a “Train” option allows them to perfect their moves and to also go on side-quests to gain hint coins and new moves.

8)      When in combat mode, Actions are used in combos to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles; the prizes range from new artefacts to examine, hint coins, more picarats, or a puzzle.

9)      The Collection feature now collect artefacts related to the story, and certain items have a puzzle related to it. Thus, there are only twenty-five artefacts to collect. There is also an “Examine” feature, that produces either five hint coins, a puzzle related to the artefact, or information concerning the artefact that is compiled in the “Artefacts” section of the Professor’s Journal.

10)  When all information is unlocked within the “Artefacts” section of the Professor’s Journal, five extra “Trunk Episodes” are unlocked, as well as fifty picarats.




Professor Hershel Layton

Professor Desmond Sycamore

Luke Triton

Arriana Triton (née Barde)

William Triton

Katia Triton (née Anderson)

Emmy Altava

Clark Triton

Randall Ascot

Angela Ascot (née Ledore)

Leon Bronev

Dimitri Allen

Superintendent Delmont

Chief Inspector Chelmey

Inspector Barton


Flora Rheinhold

Clive Dove

Henry Ledore


The Phantom Deity (a.k.a. Leonard Bloom)

Don Paolo

The Spectre d’Or (a.k.a. Aurora – resurrected with power of Azran civilization)


10 years after Unwound Future

Cities Visited:

London, UK

Godd City (renamed Acierville for the foreign release of Azran Legacy)

Misthallery, UK

Bistonio, South Africa

New York, US

Dark Heaven, Atlantis

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