Vera Wipovsky is a hotel cleaner who discovered the body of Sandy Aldwich. Due to this, she was a suspect herself.



Wipovsky is a heavy-set woman with curly orange hair. She wears a cleaner's uniform, including a white kerchief worn over her hair. She is 51 years of age.


The mother of ten children, Wipovsky is known to be "an absolute rock." She worries that her husband may be cheating on her.



Early LifeEdit

Wipovsky married and had ten children. She worked as a cleaner at a five-star seaside hotel.

Layton Brothers: Mystery RoomEdit

While working in the hotel one day, Wipovsky entered Sandy Aldwich's room using her master key, having seen the "Please make up my room" sign left on the door handle by Bosco Felps. She started to clean the room as usual but noticed the closed curtains and drew them back. Wipovsky noticed Aldwich was outside on the terrace and thought she had simply fallen asleep, slumped over the table. She called out to Aldwich, but when there was no response from her, Wipovsky went to the terrace and found that Aldwich had been strangled to death, with her hand laid between the fillings of a sandwich she had ordered.

Wipovsky quickly called the police about the murder. She stated that she only went into the room as part of her cleaning duties and could enter the room using her master key since all the doors locked automatically. At some point, she chatted with Zach Carrière about the peculiar situation of the hand in the sandwich. It was later found out that the scene Wipovsky saw was because of Carrière murdering Aldwich and placing her hand in the sandwich to disguise the scent of his aftershave and to create a fake dying message as a diversion.



  • Though she was the initial prime suspect due to her discovery of the body, Wipovsky was never interviewed in person by the Mystery Room investigators.
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