Vic & Tim was a couple that allegedly died during the Riverside Festival in Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. They appeared to have been the victims of a murder-suicide which was identical to a legend about star-crossed lovers.

History Edit


Case 2 Edit

During London's annual Riverside Festival, Tim was allegedly pushed into the Thames river, with Vic allegedly throwing herself in afterwards. The incident appeared to be a murder-suicide that was committed in the same way as an old legend, about a man who was murdered and his lover who killed herself thereafter in grief. Katrielle and co. were requested to help Scotland Yard investigate the incident. They end up finding out that Mayor Lowonida planned the whole thing, in an attempt to rise the dwindling numbers that annually attend the festival, and that the couple are safe and sound. Vic and Tim both performed that evening at at the festival, where they explained what happened to the public.

Triva Edit

  • Their names together become "victim". This is in reference to how they were the alleged victims of the riverside incident.
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