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The World Times (ワールドタイムズ - Wārudotaimuzu) is a newspaper in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The newspaper publishes articles about recent strange happenings from around the world. Professor Layton and co. can use the information from the article to visit the relevant location and gain more information from the local people. This usually leads to new puzzles to solve, or new items that can be collected. Occasionally, it also opens up new areas in previously visited locations.


Stamp Color Location Headline Article Resolution
Brown London - Scotland Yard Chippy Draws Huge Crows! A local fish and chip shop in London has reached unprecedented popularity. The daily queues are so long, they require police supervision. The group questions a local policeman about the shop, who gives them a puzzle in exchange for directions.
Dark Blue Froenborg - Snow Coach Stop (Zoomed) Snowman Seen Dancing at Night! Rumours of a snowman that moves during the night are spreading through Froenbord. One lady even claims to have seen it flamenco dancing! The rumors turn out to be spread by Mascha, local gossip.
Dark Green Kodh - Level Crossing A Prehistoric Visitor? There have been a number of recent sightings of a long-necked monster in Lake Kodh that the locals have taken to calling "Koddhi". "Koddhi" turns out to be merely a large eel that Boris the fisherman caught, and later cooked and ate.
Purple Phong Gi - Grand Stage Birdsong Saved My Life! An explorer who went missing in the jungle has been found alive and well. Apparently, he was able to follow an unusual bird call to a hidden village... The group finds Morel, who has been apparently laughing ever since their previous visit; his raucous laughter was mistaken for the bird call.
Purple Phong Gi - Village Path Mushrooms are on the Move! A huge new mushroom has been discovered in the jungle. Oddly, it seems that this fungus can move rather rapidly, and has no desire to be caught... The mushroom turned out to be Chestnut, whose massive hairstyle led him to be mistaken for a mushroom. 
Brown London - Museum (Kensington, Zoomed) Murals are the New Mosaics! A museum exhibit of murals from all over the world is proving to be a roaring success, and many people have been inspired to try their hand at wall art. Layton meets with his mother, who has been visiting the museum for the exhibits, and receives a puzzle.
Dark Green Kodh - Larisa's Cafe Aircraft Lured to Their Doom! Lake Kodh has seen a string of aircraft crashes as of late, and the police are grateful to the efforts of one local resident for her rescue activities. Local restaraunteur, Larisa, tells the group about her efforts in assisting rescues, and gives them a puzzle.
Light Blue San Grio - Restauratuer Revels in Accolade! San Grio has been chosen as one of the world's best resorts. A local restaurateur welcomed the news, looking forward to the custom it will bring. Bud receives the group's help in creating a new popono-themed dessert for his menu.
Light Blue San Grio - Hiltop Hotel Lounge Keep an Eye on Your Room Keys! Tourists are warned to be vigilant as room key theft rises in San Grio. One victim saysm "I was so enthralled by that hotel fish tank, I never knew they were gone!" The victim turns out to be Aldus, who had simply locked himself out of his hotel room, and gives the group a puzzle.
Dark Green Kodh - Lakeside Waterfront Darkness Falls on Lakeside Town! A widespread power outage takes Kodh's residents by surprise. According to one woman, "You'd need something huge to knock out our grid!" Local resident Pavlova reveals that she accidentally caused the power outage while hanging up lights for a festival, and gives the group a puzzle.
Brown London - Research Lab B (Gressenheller) A Bright Future for Archaeology! A new archaeological analysis device has been installed at London's Gressenheller University. The staff have responded warmly and enthusiastically. Clark shows the device to Layton and company, although the device has broken down due to miscalibration by enthusiastic students.
Pink Torrido - Abandoned Mine (Zoomed) Vet Asked to Deal with Wild Wolf! A vet doing rounds in Torrido passed out and had to be taken to the hospital. Only used to small pets, the sight of a wolf was just too much. Old Red has fallen ill, and Luke diagnoses him to be suffering from indigestion. The group helps him out, and it is revealed that the grateful locals have been inadvertently overfeeding him.
Pink Torrido - Main Street Shots Ring Out in Torrido! An unlikely newcomer beat Torrido's former sharpshooting champ and claimed first prize at the annual contest. The winner is available for autographs. Jesse turns out to be the new sharpshooting champ, and gives Emmy and Aurora a puzzle to impress them.
Dark Blue Froenborg - Frossen Bridge Cold Comfort for Unlucky Skater! A scare in Froenborg as a young skater fell into an icy pond. "His jumps were just too high," one rueful onlooker remarked. Local daredevil wannabe, Erik, attempts another stunt, but is convinced to stop after Layton and Sycamore solve a puzzle.
Light Green Hoogland - Julien's Windmill A Bumper Feast for Hoogland! A Hoogland baker made an inconeivable amount of break for the harvest festival. Making sure none went to waste was certainly a challenge! Julien is revealed to have accidentally baked a massive mountain of bread due to his overenthusiasm.
Light Green Hoogland - Watering Trough Mint Sauce at the Ready! The lamb ham packing season is a busy time in Hoogland, with people coming from all over the world to sample its meaty delights at the source. Felicia, Piet's sheep, runs away from him. It turns out she had not done so due to the ham season, but because she was fed up with Piet constantly using her wool to wipe his runny nose.
Dark Blue Froenborg - The Melted Snowflake Yeti Becomes Cafe Regular! Froenbord police received reports of a yeti storming into a local restaurant. By the time they arrived, however, there was nothing to see but leftover stew. The yeti turned out to be no more than Georg, who was mistaken for a yeti after he entered the restaurant in his polar gear while covered in snow. He gives the group a puzzle.
Yellow Mosinnia - Umid's House Insomnia in Mosinnia? It seems that a growing number of adults in Mosinnia are unable to sleep. "Well, what do you expect, I've just spent a whole week asleep!" said one lady. Emmy identifies that Banu has been drinking tea made from a highly caffeine-rich plant; unfiltered and several times a day.
Yellow Mosinnia - Mosinna Forest Firebird in Demand! A pair of poachers were apprehended by a lone man. Sadly, the two later escaped police custody, yelling something about a phoenix as they ran. Villager Nassir, thinking that Layton's group are game hunters, threatens them with a puzzle.
Brown London - Hangar (Aerodome) Londoners Take to the Skies! A hangar in London offering trial flights is enjoying a run of success. Passengers and onlookers alike find the perfomances highly entertaining. Layton visits his father in the aerodrome, who reveals that he has been taking part in the trial flights despite the disapproval of his wife.

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The newspaper was likely based on The Times, a newspaper in real-life London.

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