Wren is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Wren wore an orange roll neck top with a brown jacket over it. She has blue jeans and light brown boots. Her hair is a reddish brown color and has two pig tails that stick out.


Wren is a very intelligent young member of the Black Ravens, very close with Socket, her brother, and Crow, who she secretly has a crush on, as only Socket knows.


The adorable, pig tailed Wren is said to be the brains behind the Black Ravens.

Able to plan strategies quickly and efficiently, she is a highly valued member even by Crow.



Chapter 4: The Shadowy ManipulatorEdit

When asked by Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy about the black market, both Wren and her brother Socket denied knowing about it. Later on, she and him took part as one of the Ravens when Emmy gave chase.

Chapter 5: The Witch's CastleEdit

Soon after Layton, Luke, and Emmy become members of the black market, she and Socket can be found at Highyard Hill just outside the gates of Barde Manor, at which they remain for most of the game.

Chapter 9: The Specter Becomes ClearEdit

When Descole's machine attacked Misthallery, she was one of the Ravens who helped find parts for and build Layton's catapult in an attempt to destroy it.


In the post-credits cutscene, she can be seen with the other Ravens beside Arianna, now being a friend of hers.


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